About Beachway Therapy Center

The therapists at Beachway Therapy Center have a caseload of four to eight clients. Beachway Therapy Center only accepts 24 clients at a time. This allows Beachway Therapy Center to provide unsurpassed individual attention. Beachway Therapy Center specifically designs each client’s treatment plan to meet his or her individual needs.

Beachway Therapy Center believes in going beyond the minimum care standard set forth by most other treatment centers and the State of Florida.

The Doctors, therapist and other specialists at Beachway Therapy Center believe that providing more than one individual therapy session is the best way to help clients enrolled in our program. By giving the client multiple therapy sessions on an as needed bases the client is better equipped to deal with the underlying issues that desperately need to be addressed and dealt with. By offering as needed individual therapy sessions, minimum of once a week, a therapist is able to truly identify the core problems and provide the client with the time needed to effectively handle and move past the issues.

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