Orlando Alcohol Treatment

Orlando is one of the most popular cities in the state of Florida with an estimated 52 million tourists each year. The city has a population of 185,951, making Orlando their full time residence.


In such an exciting city there is a busy night life for residents and tourists with bars and clubs throughout the city. The busy night life leads to a growing problem with drugs and alcohol with residents and tourists.

Orlando Drug Treatment

Many people experiment with drugs and alcohol each year, a great deal of which are teens and young adults. Orlando is in a prime location in Florida for drugs being smuggled in.


Drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin which tend to be the most frequently abused drugs in Orlando.



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Marijuana is both locally grown in the state of Florida and smuggled in from outside states and countries. This dry greenish brown leafy substance contains a chemical known as THC and when entering into the body, typically inhaled or ingested, it gives the user a sense of well being and euphoria. Marijuana does not only have desired effects but it also has negative effects on ones mental and physical health. Often marijuana users will experience anxiety and depression as a result of chronic use.


Cocaine is smuggled in from outside countries to the state of Florida. It is very popular in the club scene, giving its user the ability to stay up nights on end, full of energy. Many think that cocaine is not addictive, but it is, people easily become addicted to the lifestyle that goes along with the drug and the increased energy it gives them. This drug can cause anorexia that creates major health issues as well as damaging the brain.


Heroin is smuggled in from outside countries into the United States, particularly Florida. This drug is most popular for being injected however in its purest forms it can be snorted avoiding the stigmas that go along with injecting. The typical heroin user is trying to escape from reality and sooth physical and/or mental pain. This drug slowly kills its users both physically and mentally.

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If you have found yourself victim to addiction, alcohol or drug, and can not seem to quit on your own then Orlando Addiction Rehab can help. You will be given the support and understand you need to over come your addiction as well as a safe and secure environment to do so. Your future is what you make it, contact a Orlando Addiction Rehab today and start your recovery.